Sunday, August 14, 2011

Legend of Mana, Playstation 1

The World Map

Finally, after almost over 10 years, I have managed to finish Legend of Mana, one of the fantastic games from SquareSoft. Yeeee!! :D

Wait... Wait?! 10 years?! Seriously, dude?!
Actually, we only need 2x24 hours to finish this game, but because I played this game when I was in junior high school and I was not really good enough in Role Playing Games (RPG), thus I was failed at that time, bored, and changed to another game.

Home: We're here only because we like staying here.
Many people hold the opinion that playing video games is just a waste of time, power, and mind; however I disagree with that point of view. In fact, video games really help me to improve my English skill, especially vocabulary and general grammar. With the help of my mighty English dictionary, I added English words to my little precious brain little by little in those good old days.

Furthermore, playing video games also train my brain logic to solve puzzles, quizzes, or problems. Video games which I really recommend for this are Final Fantasy the Series, Resident Evil, Alundra 2, Dino Crisis, and Midventure of Tron Boone.

In short, playing video games is very FUN! But we also have to balance our time for our family, friends, and works. Don't let video games become the player of our life!

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