Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Beautiful Autumn at Aachen

Autumn... Is Amazing!
Indonesia has only two seasons, which are dry (hot) season and wet (rain) season (which also hot). It is different with most European countries that have four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This is the reason why I never know much about autumn season.

Fortunately, now I have the opportunity to experience the autumn season because this year I am in the Germany. At first, I did not really care about it  due the weather was very cold outside. But, in the end I went to Westpark in Aachen to see and feel the autumn season.


After visited Westpark, I was hoping Indonesia also has a autumn season. Hehe. Maybe if Indonesia have it, then there will be many park in the city. The result of this is a big public yard for normal people to play prank, picnic, or to just hang out outside. I believe not every people want to go to a mall. They just don't have a better choice to choose. In fact, park is a very nice place for cycling, running, picnic, barbecue, romantic walk, small baseball game, and many other outdoor activities.

Here are some other photos from my trip to Westpark:


  1. wah jalan2 mulu ya kk..
    itu jalan2 aja apa lg study?

  2. Lagi study koq disini. Hehe. Sekalian jalan-jalan juga kalau ada waktu luang. :)