Monday, November 25, 2013

I hate coins, but I do need money. So this is what happens.

I don't like to keep coins in my wallet. The reason is because they are heavy and almost worthless (in some countries). But still, I do need money. As the title said, this is what happens with my coins.

In Germany (2012):

The total money that I get from my cute rabbit-bank is around EUR 300 or equal to almost Rp 4.500.000,-. Not bad, huh?!! After I wrapped-up the coins, I exchanged them to Deutsche Bank with no cost. They even give me the paper that I used to wrap the coins. This is the first time I learn that lots and lots coins is significantly great (i.e. Nintendo 3DS, etc.)!! From this experience, I will never again underestimate the power of coins. Hahaha.

In Indonesia (2013):

In Indonesia, I collected exactly Rp 250.000,- or about USD 18. To be honest, the effort is not really worth the cash that I got. Hahaha. I think I need to save a bigger nominal of money (Rp 10.000 maybe). I exchanged the coins in the local mart (Alfamart) near my work place. They also did not charge any cost for this.

Tips for Indonesian people:
As we already know, there are many beggars and (bad) stress musicians on the street that keep asking for our money. Please think again before giving money to them. Because they might save the same money that I did in one day. They only need to get 316 of Rp 500 and 92 of Rp 1000.