Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quests of My Life

Every game has a quest, so do my life! Why not, right? Our time in this world are limited and we don't have a second chance to start a new life. Sometimes these quests are forgotten by the busyness of my work, friend, and love. Thus, I am going to write down all of my quests in this post. And... If one of these goals are similar with your goal, then why don't we work together to achieve it? I am sure it would be fun!!
  1. Learn how to cook Ratatouille.
  2. Own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!
  3. Watch a live concert.
  4. Go to Shanghai Apple Store.
  5. Prove that I cannot be hypnotized by a magician!
  6. Build a home theatre system with my Dad.
  7. Create a free game, then upload it to iTunes Store.
  8. Learn how to Shuffle (dance).
  9. Get a black belt in Karate (this one is my childhood dream).
  10. Travel to Venice, Italy.
  11. Walk on a frozen lake.
  12. Learn how to drive a car.
  13. Make a breakfast for a woman before she wakes up
  14. Learn how to draw Hitoha Marui's face.
  15. Meet and greet Ajahn Brahm.
  16. Get drunk!
  17. Learn Walts dance.
  18. Carrying an injured girl back to her home.
Those are my goals. What's yours?


  1. number 1, 2, 13, 14.. will be my quest too
    actually, I really want to learn how to cook and how to drive this year :)

    1. Well, let's do number 2 together! I will prepare the kitchen and you can prepare the ingredients. Haha.

  2. number 14 nice! add lunch and dinner, do washing and cleaning >:) make Irine become Queen of the day :D don't get drunk when you meet Ajah Brahm :P

    1. I'm not sure I want to get drunk again. Unless, I don't have to buy for my own beer. Haha. :P

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  4. From 1 til 21 from your list, My fave is 'Walk on a frozen lake'. hohoo